Katharine: 'The Compassionate Duchess'

Join us in celebrating the life of Katharine Kent, Co-Founder of Future Talent, with this special programme broadcasted by Channel 5.
May 11, 2021

On Saturday 8 May 2021, Channel 5 broadcasted a special programme to celebrate the life and story of Future Talent co-Founder, Katharine Kent. Titled 'Katharine: The Compassionate Duchess', the programme explored Katharine's inspired journey, including a feature of her motivation for Future Talent in 2004.

"Why shouldn't all children have equal opportunities in music? That's what Future Talent wants to do."

- Katharine Kent, Co-Founder, Future Talent, 2005.

Since 2004, Katharine has dedicated her life to fulfilling that very question. After founding Future Talent with Nicholas Robinson, Katharine has helped support hundreds of gifted young musicians from low-income backgrounds, helping them flourish through financial support and educational programmes.

Watch the full documentary here.

Entering its 17th year, Future Talent is launching into an exciting new chapter. With ambitions to triple the number of young musicians it supports by 2023, it is currently establishing a second office in Liverpool, helping families and communities across the UK.

Alongside this support, Future Talent is also partnering with leading global organisations to share its mission to break down barriers, create opportunities and harness the power of music to transform the lives of young musicians across the world. Recently, Future Talent committed to the United Nations' Global Goals, becoming the first music charity in the UK to take initiative on these universal issues.

If you would like to support Katharine's mission and help more young musicians from low-income backgrounds flourish, please consider donating by clicking here.

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