Our Commitment to the Global Goals

We are committing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals along with governments, businesses and individuals globally to help reach crucial targets by 2030.
April 16, 2021

We are delighted to announce our renewed commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the fantastic global initiative to create a better world by ending poverty, combatting inequality and urgently addressing our climate crisis.

193 world leaders have committed to the Global Goals, but that won’t be enough. It is the responsibility of governments, businesses and individuals around the world to engage with the SDGs and spread the word in order to reach the targets by 2030.

As with our efforts to increase equal access to music, we understand that collective efforts of small organisations can be highly effective, and a crucial contribution to the global effort. By engaging with the SDGs, we have the potential to make a meaningful impact and won’t waste any opportunity to do so.

Future Talent is leading by example, as the first ever UK music organisation to commit to the SDGs. We hope that our support will push more companies like ours to make the same pledge.

We are focussed on finding innovative solutions to create meaningful, effective and lasting results.

Moving forwards, we will be considering the SDGs when making strategic decisions relating to our support of young musicians and in our day-to-day operations, in order to find and implement these solutions wherever we can.

We have highlighted Goals 1, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 17 as our primary goals – those most applicable to the work we do, where we can create exciting opportunities to make the biggest impact.

To read more about our current efforts and future commitment to the Global Goals, click here.

Successful partnerships are an essential part of the global effort to keep our world healthy, happy and sustainable. We rely on strong partnerships with organisations and leaders who share our passion for music education in order to accelerate and optimise the reach and impact of our support.

D’Addario and the Voces8 Foundation are two of our brilliant partners also connecting disadvantaged young people to music opportunities. In February, they each ran a variety of sessions within our three-day Virtual Residential, helping us deliver over 2,000 hours of support to our young musicians – the most significant opportunity provided by our programmes in our history. Without them, reaching this milestone would not have been possible.

To read more about our partners, click here.

As we undergo a transformational period, expanding our operations and establishing ourselves in the North of England, we are looking forwards to growing new, deep routes within this community, as well as working more with our Northern partners Music for Life and Leeds University Union Music Society and associated organisations including the Royal Northern College of Music and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

After making these first crucial steps, we are excited to see what more we can achieve by working with our dedicated partners and all those around the world who share our vision to provide equal access to music.

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