Music for Life

Music for Life is a non-profit music organisation based in the North West and West Midlands who provide school children with opportunities to engage with inspirational music-making. Starting in 1995, Music for Life developed a unique, non-profit business model providing a service which met the needs of schools, parents, instrumental teachers and young people in the area, when Cheshire County Council was unable to do so. Without public funding or any advertising, Music for Life’s reputation spread from school to school purely by word of mouth. In 2020, Music for Life work in over 100 schools across Cheshire, Wirral and North Staffordshire, providing opportunities and access to high-quality tuition, whole-class projects and workshop events to over 4,000 children. By joining forces, we hope to enhance that experience and reach more young musicians across the UK together. Beginning in April 2020, our partnership will help to promote the work undertaken by both organisations, with Music for Life sharing one of the core beliefs that fuels Future Talent: inspiring young musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing them with resources and opportunities to develop their skills and enjoy music.