Quality Education

Why is the Goal important and relevant to us?

We believe that equal access to high quality music education and opportunities should be available to everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity or economic status.

What are we doing to achieve it? How are we doing this?

· All young musicians supported by our development programmes receive varied, high-quality, engaging and educational development opportunities led by first-rate musicians and educators within the industry. We also provide advice and guidance regarding further education and other development opportunities.
· We are proud to have formed strong and lasting partnerships with organisations who share our core belief that access to a music education and opportunities should be equal to all, regardless of background.

Who are we working with to do it?

· In 2021, we partnered with D’Addario, who share our passion for empowering young musicians by providing opportunities through initiatives such as the D’Addario Education Collective, working with first-rate educators.
· In 2020, we partnered with both the Voces8 Foundation and Music for Life, who each provide thousands of school children with opportunities, resources and access to inspirational workshop events.

What are our plans to improve?

We will continue to seek out partnerships to benefit our young musicians and enable us to spread our reach to more young musicians across the UK. With our imminent development into the North of England later this year, we are look forward to putting deep roots down in Northern communities, strengthening existing bonds with educational organisations like the RNCM, RLPO and SAA-UK, and cultivating new relationships with other like-minded organisations.

Which of the targets are we achieving?

· Target 4.1: Free Primary and Secondary Education
· Target 4.5: Eliminate All Discrimination in Education