No Poverty

Why is the Goal important and relevant to us?

There are over 4.2 million children living in poverty in the UK. Thousands of children with exceptional musical abilities are failed by society each year because access to quality music education and opportunities is reserved for those who can afford the costs. We want to achieve an equal reality where gifted young musicians have the opportunity to flourish, regardless of their economic background.

What are we doing to achieve it? How are we doing this?

Our development programmes support gifted young musicians from low-income households exclusively, to ensure that our financial support is invested directly into those musicians and families who most need it.

Who are we working with to do it?

In April 2020, we partnered with Music for Life, a non-profit organisation who provide over 4,000 school children across Cheshire, Wirral and North Staffordshire with opportunities, resources and access to high quality tuition and inspirational workshop events.

What are our plans to improve?

· We are always on the lookout for individuals and organisations to work closely with who share our belief that music education and opportunities should be available and affordable to all young musicians, regardless of their background.
· At the centre of our overall development strategy is our goal to have tripled the number of musicians we support by 2023. We set this goal in 2020, and are already ahead of our plans to achieve it.  

Which of the targets are we achieving?

· Target 1.2: Reduce Poverty by at least 50%
· Target 1.4: Equal Rights to Ownership, Basic Services, Technology and Resources
· Target 1.A: Mobilize Resources to Implement Policies to End Poverty
· Target 1.B: Create Pro-Poor and Gender-Sensitive Policy Frameworks