Virtual Workshops Success

Our Virtual Workshop Series implemented at the beginning of lockdown proved to be a universal success.
July 10, 2020

When social distancing measures were introduced in March, our priority was to find ways to continue providing our musicians with opportunities and support their practice and development.

After initially testing the virtual waters with a fantastic composition workshop with Jez Wiles, our first Virtual Workshops Series was born.

Over six weeks, a varied programme of sessions was organised, aiming to cater for a broad range of our musician’s musical interests and potential career paths. Read more about the individual workshops here.

We were delighted that our musicians' feedback affirmed that the series was very much a worthwhile venture.

Some said that the workshops they participated in were their favourite musical activities during lockdown. Several parents also told us that they had provided a great point of focus for their children to look forward to and work towards while their lives and usual activities were restricted.

We are so happy that the workshops were a success and are looking forward to implementing a second series starting in August. Keep a lookout for more information soon!

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