It's Recording Week!

Future Talent's young musicians are spending their week recording tracks for the upcoming 20th Anniversary Album.
February 13, 2024

Step 1: Write the tracks - Complete. Step 2: Record the tracks - well under way!

This week, our young musicians and alumni join forces to head to School Farm Studios, just outside of Colchester, to record their very own tracks for the Future Talent 20th Anniversary Album. There's been some fantastic sounds coming out of the studio, with a vast variety of instruments and genres.

Track composer Scottie

The studio facilities are top of the range, and the surroundings are beautiful. Our young musicians were even treated to some of the Great British countryside's best wildlife.

It's been a few days the musicians won't forget in a hurry. Future Talent extends it's thanks to all at School Farm Studios, who provided the warmest welcome for our musicians. If you'd like to find out more about School Farm Studios, you can visit their website here, or contact them via email:

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