Future Talent Midsummer Gala: A Night Over the London Skyline

A glorious night of entertainment from Future Talent young musicians as they performed at the Midsummer Gala.
June 18, 2024

Amidst the iconic skyline of London, the Future Talent Midsummer Gala unfolded into a evening of music, colour, and celebration. Held high above the city’s landmarks, at The Sky Pavilion of the Rothschild & Co building, the event not only offered stunning panoramic views but also showcased a lineup of remarkable performances that showed the creativity of Future Talent's young musicians.

Cathy Newman, host of Channel 4 News, took on the role of host for the evening. Known for her articulate nature and quick wit, she introduced the Future Talent performers, bringing together the evening’s performances with a series of captivating interviews that delved into the stories behind the performers and their music.

Cathy Newman - Host

The gala’s musical offerings were nothing short of enchanting. Carys opened with a breathtaking trumpet solo that set a high bar for the performances that followed. Her command of the instrument resonated through the Sky Pavilion.

Carys, Trumpet

Vivek's performance added a blend of classical and Carnatic music to the mix. He performed Ravel's Tzigane with precision, followed by a Carnatic piece that provided a calm contrast, showcasing his versatility as a musician.

Vivek, Violin

David and Cerys, a flautist and harpist duo from Wales, stunned with a duet, made all the more impressive by the fact they had only met in rehearsals earlier that afternoon.

Cerys and David

The evening was also marked by the performance of two world premieres from Future Talent’s upcoming album, set for release on November 22nd,2024. Carlotta Vitaloni’s ‘Evie’, a string quartet written in honour of Carlotta’s family dog, was performed with a delicate interplay that highlighted Evie's dual nature as a spirited dog, but also a sleepy one! Avram Harris’s ‘Shkoyach’, an ensemble performance, followed with a dynamic and spirited arrangement. Avram had arranged his piece for large range of instruments, and we were treated to hearing the Tabla on stage.

Future Talent String Quartet
Future Talent ensemble with host Cathy Newman

Adding to the festive atmosphere, Future Talent alumnus Tiger took the stage with his band, delivering two songs from his recently released EP. His performance was a testament to the enduring influence of Future Talent’s nurturing environment on its alumni.

As the sun went down, the VOCES8 Future Talent singers brought the evening to a close. The signers performed 'When you Wish Upon a Star', their harmonies blended perfectly with the setting sun, creating a mesmerising finale.

VOCES8 Future Talent singers

The Future Talent Midsummer Gala was more than just an evening of entertainment. It was a celebration of emerging talent and a glimpse into the future of music. Against the backdrop of the London skyline, the Gala underscored the importance of nurturing young artists and provided a platform for them to shine.

As we look forward to there lease of the upcoming album in November, the evening has set high expectations for what is yet to come from these extraordinary talents.

*      *      *