Mentoring, Workshops and Opportunities in 2022

Take a look at our programme activities and opportunities so far this year...
June 8, 2022

At Future Talent, the last 5 months have seen a number of different opportunities delivered to our young musicians, taking place virtually and in-person.

January | Mentoring
In January, due to rising Covid cases, we took the decision to roll out our 2022 Mentoring Sessions virtually, for the second year running. 40 of our young musicians had one-to-one sessions with a top professional musician, chosen with their musical needs and ambitions in mind.

“Overall, It made my future for college applications less obscure and it has given me good food for thought and a positive position to start looking," one young musician fed back about her session with Hannah Sloane. "Also, Hannah's practical methods regarding posture and relaxation gave me a greatly helpful, different view on a subject I am struggling with.”

February | Virtual Residential
The following month, 48 of our cohort joined us online during their half term break for our second 3-day Virtual Residential.

After a successful debut last year, we read through the feedback forms carefully and made sure keep in all the elements that the musicians enjoyed and benefitted from the most, as well as introduce sessions around new topics.

Joined by a team of 18 great workshop leaders and educators, the 48 musicians enjoyed sessions around topics such as music production, graphic scores, how to release an album, body percussion, wellbeing, Feldenkraiss and injury prevention, to name a few.

May | Workshops
May saw a series of workshops take place, including our largest in-person workshop since 2019.

On Sunday 15 May, acclaimed cellist Simone Seales delivered inspiring online workshop to our young musicians.

An experience improviser, Simone introduced the musicians to their musical philosophy and gave them all numerous ideas for how to approach improvisation and tips on how to collaborate creatively with others. Simone finished the session by performing for the musicians, including taking on improvisation challenges set by the participants.

On Sunday 29 May, flautist Gavin Osborn led 18 young musicians in a GraphicScores workshop at the Royal Academy of Music.

After a discussion and a series of demonstrations from Gavin, the musicians explored the most unorthodox ways they could 'play' or create sounds with their instruments (without causing damage, we would add). They then pooled their experience and creativity creating two giant graphic scores themselves, using all manner of colours, textiles, bits and bobs. Finally, after a few test runs, they performed the multi-coloured score to a captivated audience of parents and friends.

Parents investigated the musicians' creative compositions

Earlier in the month, 18 musicians joined Relationship Manager Holly for a 'How to Practice' talk. A subject that is rarely discussed, Holly shared her own arsenal of practice techniques along with some well-known practical techniques with the young musicians. The musicians then discussed their own techniques and there were lengthy discussions about self-discipline, regularity, preparedness, and over-practice.

What's Next?

On Saturday 18 June at 2.00pm, thanks to the generosity of the Ida Carroll Trust, there will be a free concert at St Paul's Church in Stockport (Heaton Moor, SK4 4RY), featuring five of our gifted young musicians. If you are able to join us, please do!

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