Angela Rawson Scholarship

Junior Programme

Angela Frances Rawson was born in Yorkshire on June 3rd 1950. The second child,  she became the “eldest” to her younger siblings following the death of her older sister. From an early age, Angela showed a creative flair for art and cooking and from as young as four she was preparing meals and cooking biscuits and cakes.  The only help she needed was lifting things in and out of the oven in her grandparents’ kitchen.

She was dyslexic, though the term hadn’t really been invented when she was young, so she left school with no qualifications, but went on to college where she studied and excelled in home economics. Money left to her by a relative was used to realise her dream of learning to fly.  She went solo, getting her wings, on her eighth and final lesson.  There was no money left to pay for any more.  She really wanted to join the Royal Air Force, but was encouraged instead to join the WRNS where she eventually met her lifelong partner Nikki Rowan Kedge.

After leaving the service, they started an outside catering company which led to the opening of “The Loaves & Fishes Restaurant” in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.  They moved to a disused Chapel in Rockley and after a short break, when they opened a cookery school in nearby Marlborough, the restaurant opened again in new premises in Burbage. After running this renowned restaurant for 25 years,  they were challenged with finding a new direction, so they branched out to pursue another love – music, literature and teaching!

Together they developed musical Shakespeare productions setting some of the big plays to original music written by Nikki.  They loved teaching the children the music and plays, helping them to develop an awareness of literature, music and theatre.  

Angela was an amazing, talented and extremely gentle lady.  She was also an exceptional artist, teacher of cookery and art, a pictorial cartographer, glass engraver and designer of stained glass. She was always interested in everyone she met and her enthusiasm to see others succeed made her such a shining light in everyone's life.

When Nikki died in February 2013, a small donation was made to Future Talent to help young people develop their musical talent.  Angela wrote her own will that same year and made further provision for young musicians in the event of her own death.

Angela died on 28th May 2018 after being diagnosed with acute leukaemia just three weeks earlier. The Angela Rawson Scholarship is her legacy to young people who may otherwise not have the opportunity to develop a natural talent and be inspired by their love of music and performing.