SDG 10

Reduced Inequality

Why is the Goal important and relevant to us?

We believe that access to music education and opportunities should be available to everyone, regardless of demographics such as gender, disability, ethnicity or economic status.

What are we doing to achieve it? How are we doing this?

· We are directly addressing the wealth imbalance, by providing support exclusively to young musicians from low-income backgrounds, who need it most.
· Disabled and non-disabled young musicians are treated equally, with accessibility arrangements a priority for auditions and programme opportunities.
· In the young musicians we support, we strive to maintain a balance in terms of gender and ethnicity, as well as geographic location and age.
· We also strive to maintain a balanced workplace by ensuring all career and volunteering opportunities are equally accessible to anyone, regardless of background.

Who are we working with to do it?

In 2021, we will be establishing a permanent presence in the North of England in addition to our London headquarters, enabling us to better reach and support young musicians in the North and beyond. We are looking forwards to growing new, deep routes within this community, as well as working more with our Northern partners Music for Life and Leeds University Union Music Society and associated organisations including Royal Northern College of Music and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

What are our plans to improve?

· Through the government’s Kickstart Scheme, we will provide a range of part-time roles to several young people seeking work, providing them with training, valuable industry experience and mentorship.
· In the near future, we will action a strategy to involve young musicians from a broader range of musical backgrounds, ensuring our programmes are inclusive of different genres. In 2021, we are launching a new Indian Classical music scholarship which will support 10 musicians.
· We hope to work more to support communities of young disabled musicians and are continually seeking opportunities to work with organisations who share this goal.

Which of the targets are we achieving?

· Target 10.1: Reduce Income Inequalities
· Target 10.2: Promote Universal Social, Economic and Political Inclusion
· Target 10.3: Ensure Equal Opportunities and End Discrimination
· Target 10.4: Adopt Fiscal and Social Policies that Promote Equality