Gender Equality

Why is the Goal important and relevant to us?

We are committed to providing equal opportunity to people of all genders across our programmes and within our team. We ensure that our programmes are balanced, diverse and an entirely inclusive and safe environment for young people across the gender spectrum to be open and express themselves freely. Within the workplace, we ensure that our employees feel safe, comfortable and empowered by the knowledge that their voices will always be heard.

What are we doing to achieve it? How are we doing this?

· We strive to maintain a diverse and balanced representation of genders within each cohort of young musicians we support, as well as across our team, ambassadors and trustees.
· When planning and inviting young musicians to each of our programme opportunities, we ensure that each gender is fairly represented.

Who are we working with to do it?

· We are working with Leeds University Union Music Society (LUUMS), which works to empower students pursuing music, and is currently led by President Lara Wassenberg.
· We work with a host of outstanding female leaders who have made extraordinary contributions in their fields.  Dame Judi Dench, who is the recipient of an OBE for her lifetime achievements, is one of our valued female ambassadors.  

What are our plans to improve?

· As we launch our Liverpool office in 2021 and grow the number of young musicians we support each year, we will continue working hard to foster an equal gender balance and environment.
· As we expand our support network of professional musicians, educators and partners, we will always look to work with inspiring female leaders and women-led organizations.

Which of the targets are we achieving?

· Target 5.1: End Discrimination Against Women and Girls
· Target 5.2: End All Violence Against and Exploitation of Women and Girls
· Target 5.5: Ensure Full Participation in Leadership and Decision-Making