In order to be eligible for most awards, applicants must be under 18 years old on 1 September of the year of their application.

To be eligible for the Worsely Award specifically, applicants must be under 16 years old on 1 September of the year of their application. This is because the Worsely Award is spread across three years, and therefore the applicant must be under 18 years old at the beginning of the third year.

Applicants must be permanently resident in the UK to be elgible for an award. Applicants who regularly live abroad with their family but board in the UK during term time are not eligible.
Applicants who live in Yorkshire or the North West of England are eligible for the Liz and Terry Bramall Scholarship as well as the Worsley and Robinson Awards.

Successful applicants are selected based on a combination of talent, potential and financial need.

Awards are primarily offered to applicants whose household income is less than £30,500. Awards can be given to those whose household income is greater than this in exceptional circumstances, for example if a large sum of income is put towards a family member's medical expenses.