Why we support Future Talent

Richard Chambers, Trustee of the The Veronica Awdry Charitable Trust, discusses the importance of charitable trust support and why the work of Future Talent resonates with the Trustees:

While Veronica was growing up in Fenland vicarages I was in the Birmingham suburbs with a Dad working in the local glass industry, supplementing his wages playing as a Parish Church organist.  Neither of us experienced much in the way of affluence and luxury.

Then, as a Sixth Former, I had a chance to attend a Scout Jamboree in Trinidad in 1961, and without support from a charitable trust there was no way I could have attended.  It proved to be a life changing experience, leading directly to my becoming the first member of my family to enter Higher Education (though not to study music!).

Over 50 years later, now a charitable trust trustee myself, and with a lifelong passion for serious music, information about Future Talent reaches us.  How could we resist supporting carefully auditioned, exceptionally talented young musicians from low income backgrounds?