Support us

There are a number of ways you can help Future Talent achieve its goals. For full details about how you can help to support the work of Future Talent, please speak to our Chief Executive Craig Titley ( 020 7182 4676).

Support a child’s whole journey

One child (if they come to us at 5) could be supported by Future Talent for 13 years.  An individual donor or a corporate or consortium of donors could support that child throughout their whole journey with us. That child can draw down from the donation once they have reached a number of milestones set by us. If that child decides not to pursue music then – with the benefactor’s permission – the donation switches to another child.  This approach enables us to plan ahead and gives the child an incentive to achieve.  For the donor we aim to build a lasting relationship between a benefactor and a child.

Create opportunities

Every year Future Talent develops a shopping list of all the typical things that our children may need. From a new bow to a funded place at a conservatoire. From a new teacher to a chance to perform at a music festival.  Items on the list can range from hundreds of pounds to very little so every penny we raise towards the list will really make a difference.

Join the Future Talent 200 club

The 200 Club was founded in 2005 to underpin the work of the entire charity and ensure that it continues to grow and meet the needs of children across the UK. The Club has over 60 members and is rapidly growing. We ask for donation of £300 a year (or £25 a month). 200 Club members underpin the charity’s current infrastructure. Further members will help Future Talent to grow.

Spread the word

Spreading the word about the work of Future Talent through fundraising events or word of mouth helps us to increase our vital donor base, enabling us to help more and more young musicians across the UK.