Molly Andrews records soundtrack for Little Angel Theatre production

13 year old Molly Andrews plays ‘cello and has a particular interest in puppetry.  As part of her Future Talent award she was invited to participate in the production of a soundtrack for new puppet show ‘Meadow’ at the Little Angel Theatre .   In July Molly watched one of the rehearsals where composer Paul Mosley explained his writing process and how this evolves with the puppeteers.  She then worked with Director Colin Smith at Eclectic Music studio in Soho, where she recorded a ‘cello track which appears in the final production.  The show, directed by theatre company Old Saw, ran from Wednesday 29 July to Sunday 2 August.

 “This was my first experience in a recording studio, doing takes, listening to the tracks I recorded.  It was a great experience and I learnt a lot.  I think the most fun part was watching the puppets and seeing how the composer changed the music to match their actions.  It helped me explore an ambition to compose for theatre and puppetry when I am older.”

- Molly Andrews

“Old Saw Puppet Theatre commissioned me to compose a score for their new family show Meadow. There is no dialogue and music throughout so the score has to do a lot of work.

I already had most of the score mapped out when Lucia Capellaro from Future Talent contacted us introducing young ‘cellist Molly Andrews.  Molly has an interest in puppetry as well as music so this seemed the perfect project to involve her in.

Molly came to a rehearsal – our first with the puppeteers syncing actions to the first draft pre-recorded score.  Molly was clearly really into it and even offered a couple of suggestions for puppetry actions which made it into the final piece.  We had a play through one of the unrecorded musical ideas and Molly got it quickly.  We arranged a recording session at Eclectic Music in Soho with Eclectic owner/engineer/composer Colin Smith. Molly nailed it! Her talent shone out, I am so glad she is now a part of the finished Meadow Soundtrack.”

- Paul Mosley, Composer