Inspiration is a double-sided coin

Inspiration is such an important drive for young musicians, and I remember key experiences in my childhood that led me to go on and study the cello.  Here at Future Talent, my job is to provide the young Musicians we support with mentors, and performance and development opportunities which will give them the kind of inspirational and personal experiences so crucial for their development.  Having been here a couple of months I am delighted with the response we have had from professional musicians and organisations regarding this aspect of the Award.

A particular highlight for me was spending the day with the Hallé and Sir Mark Elder.  Having the chance to talk, for an hour, with Sir Mark about the intricacies of orchestral music making and ways of harnessing performance energy is something even a seasoned professional would be excited about.

But, inspiration goes in two directions and, since starting this job, the nicest thing for me is how inspiring the young Musicians are to work with.  In the auditions I was blown away by the standard of these gifted young people and, after a few months of getting to know them on a personal level, I find working with them a very rewarding experience.

The Charity does incredible work for these Musicians, and the way it treats every child as an individual, and gets to know their personal needs and interests means that the support we can offer is more direct.  I look forward to returning a bit of inspiration over the year to come!

Lucia Capellaro, Relationship Manager