Joe Sharples writes article for The Trombonist

Trombonist and Future Talent award winner Joe Sharples, recently wrote an article for the British Trombone Society’s magazine The Trombonist in which he discusses financial implications of pursing a musical career and how charities such as Future Talent can help nurture young talent.

Joe has been supported by the Charity since Future Talent Champions in 2010 and most recently with an award in 2014.


Article for the British Trombone Society’s magazine, The Trombonist

by Joe Sharples

As we all know, learning to play a musical instrument can be a very expensive affair, and unfortunately many families simply cannot afford to financially support the cost of a musical education.

In previous years this has meant that the opportunity to pursue a career in the music industry has been very elitist, however today there are a number of charities that are fighting to reduce this problem, that help provide talented young musicians with the opportunities they need to allow their talent to excel.

Future Talent is an example of such a charity.  Over the past ten years Future Talent has made it their mission to find and support talented young musicians from across the UK, helping to provide equal opportunities for all (regardless of background, circumstance, ethnicity or disability).  The charity believes that the development of talent takes time, and they are committed to providing meaningful and sustained support to a diverse group of young musicians, putting them on the pathway to a career in music of all genres.

It has been the case that the Charity does not receive an equal share of applications from brass players (and in particular trombonists), but they hope this will change over the coming years.  For more information on how Future Talent (and other such organisations) can help you, visit and