Press Release: Dame Judi Dench and Danielle de Niese join Future Talent

Prolific stage and screen Actress, Dame Judi and Internationally renowned Opera Star, Danielle de Niese have announced today their patronage of Future Talent.

Future Talent finds, funds and mentors exceptionally talented musical children who may not have the financial means to pursue their talent.

Dame Judi, who has been a supporter of the charity since its inception, said today:

Future Talent is very close to my heart.   I have long been a supporter of new talent in the UK and am delighted to help Future Talent in any way I can.   The level of musicianship that these children have is truly outstanding.

Danielle de Niese, speaking from her Glyndebourne home, said today:

I am thrilled to lend my help and support to Future Talent.  Supporting young talent in the UK is essential.  Future Talent believes that no child’s talent should go to waste and I wish to work with them to achieve that.

Danielle de Niese sang Monteverdi’s haunting duet “Pur ti Miro” alongside one of Future Talent’s prodigies, Adam O’Shea, last May.

Speaking of the experience Adam said:

If someone had said to me when I first started training classically, in a few years you’ll have the opportunity to sing with the renowned soprano Danielle de Niese, I would have laughed. But when Future Talent tells you, “you will have the opportunity to sing with Danielle de Niese,” you know it’s real.

Extreme excitement, complete awe, and a slight trepidation were the most obvious feelings that come to mind when I think back on my trip to Glyndebourne to have an intimate rehearsal with Danielle. The house was absolutely beautiful and it really was such an honour to be rehearsing in such a historical setting.

When Danielle came into the room, I was half way through an aria and I think a small part of me wanted to run and hide, but the rest of me felt an immense sense of pride; spending endless hours in practice rooms really does seem worth it when you’re singing in front of an amazing singer.

When we rehearsed our duet, she truly worked with me, shaping the line and direction of the phrasing within the piece, and I felt as though I was getting a free masterclass. It only made me more excited for the concert.

I shall always remember this fantastic experience, not just the sensational event where we performed together, not just the chance to work closely and professionally on a piece of music we both love, but the wonderful opportunity of meeting an expressive and wonderful person, who is passionate about music.


Notes for Editors

Future Talent is a very special charity that gives financial support and guidance to young musicians aged between 5 and 18, who are clearly demonstrating outstanding musical ability or potential but for whatever reason do not have the financial means to reach their goal.

We support musicians from all musical genres and awards are given for a variety of purposes including the purchase of instruments, music lessons, fees for specialist training courses and membership of national training ensembles such as the National Youth Orchestra and National Youth Choir.

We also offer advice and guidance to each musician and their families so as to ensure that everyone we help feels fully supported throughout their time with us. In this way, we are enabling our Future Talent Stars to aim high and make their musical dreams a reality. Thanks to this underlying philosophy, we have attracted the support of some of the UK’s most eminent musicians and educators.

Future Talent was formed as a result of one person’s experience of the limited opportunities for the development of musical talent in the more deprived areas of the UK. After teaching music in a primary school in Hull for a number of years, Katharine Kent became aware that there were young people of considerable talent who were not being recognised or acknowledged. Consequently, Future Talent was founded at the end of 2004 and has grown steadily to establish itself as a nationally recognised charity.