Co-founder Katharine Kent looks back over ten years

Good memories from the early days!

One stands out of many!  Flying to Manchester full of hope and full of the excitement about the whole adventure of starting an organisation to help young and aspiring musicians from backgrounds where hope and expectations are low.  We wanted children to climb the non-existent wall, which surrounds so many of these areas of deprivation, and fulfil their musical potential.

After landing I made my way to the Bridgewater Hall where I was to meet Sir Mark Elder who was rehearsing with the Halle Orchestra that morning.   When I’m nervous and waiting I just concentrate on something else really hard.  So I filled in detail after detail of the Children in Need funding application form until Sir Mark appeared with his wonderful wife and we sat down to lunch.  We talked about music (what else could we talk about!!) and it’s extraordinary power to motivate and inspire a child to achieve their dream.  Then Mark said ‘Katharine where do you see the Charity in 10 years time?’  Now I had never logically thought this through, but I answered ‘That every child across the country should have an equal opportunity to excel in music’.  Mark replied ‘I will be your President!’

I wanted to fly the aeroplane back to London – I probably asked the pilot!  I wanted to tell the world that Mark was going to be our President!  AND all that work in the Bridgwater Hall paid off as Children in Need donated £50,000 towards making this dream a reality.

What a day to remember!!