Annie-May Page to take part in Commonwealth music project

Annie-May Page, recipient of a Future Talent 2015 Bursary and pupil at the Purcell School of Music, has been chosen from many applicants to take part in a unique Commonwealth project, the Commonwealth Resounds, in November 2015.  She will travel to Malta with nine other young musicians to take part in performances, partnerships and outreach projects in Maltese schools.

In order to travel to Malta and take part in this project, Annie-May and her friends each have to raise £750 and they are holding a concert at Dagnall Street Baptist Church on 27June at 7.30pm as part of their fundraising efforts.

As well as raising their own funds, the pupils are strongly encouraged to try and support other musicians who have fewer opportunities.  Annie-May would very much like to try and help a young musician from Uganda, who wishes to come and have a life-changing experience in Malta performing in the Commonwealth Festival Orchestra.  If she raises enough to cover her own costs, all surplus funding will be donated to this young musician.

The Commonwealth Resounds is a Registered Charity (No. 1160119) and has been working very hard to try and help develop opportunities for young musicians in 53 countries for over 10 years.  The team consists almost entirely of professional musicians who are volunteers, young musicians who are caring and determined to make a difference and others who are able to understand and sympathise with their vision for musical development in countries where this is badly needed.

Annie-May was chosen not just for her outstanding musicianship, but also because she has ideas, imagination and a genuine wish to help and support young people who are less fortunate than herself.

She would love you to come and share in this evening of wonderful music and support her and her friends as they try to help others.  More information.

Saturday 27 June at Dagnall Street Baptist Church, 7:30pm